Five Key Traits of a Personal Chef

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Five Key Traits of a Personal Chef.

5. Excellent Communication: Choose a personal chef that is willing to meet with you in person to learn about you and your needs, is very thorough, and is happy to customize their offering for you and your guests.

4. Competitive Pricing: Personal chefs bring a professional, gourmet experience into your home. The costs should be similar to visiting a nice local restaurant that might offer a comparable meal. The benefits of a personal chef coming to you are the relaxed timing, exact menu customization, no mark-up on drinks (you provide alcohol), and the luxury of enjoying the event as the other guests do, all while being in the comfort of your own home.

3. Training and Education: All personal chefs should have a food handling certificate from a nationally recognized organization such as NFSTP, or at minimum from the local municipality. In addition most will have attended a culinary school for their professional training.

2. Established Business: You want to ensure the business you are working with has a good track record with clients and within the community. Client testimonials are good references as well as any local business memberships such as with a local board of trade.

1. The Most Important: Personal chefs should be flexible and willing to accommodate your needs and concerns. They should be courteous and proactive working around minor changes that may arise at the last minute.