Chicken Pho/Miso Soup, Paleo Version

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It was a pho (pronounced phu) weekend as the weather turned cold and I had some chicken #bonebroth in the #slowcooker for a day. I ventured down to the Asian market to get some herbs and noodles; rice sticks for the kids and shirataki and konnyaku for us.

To the broth I added sliced ginger, garlic cloves, and scallions. The herbs I enjoy are Thai basil and culantro, NOT cilantro, they are different. Cilantro could be used if culantro is unavailable.

To make it paleo, we used the yam based noodles, konnyaku and shirataki, to avoid the rice noodles. To add some depth and to fortify the broth for my wife who was doing some last minute yard work I stirred a spoonful of miso paste into the soup. I also added some sauteed cabbage for extra bulk and to make a meal of it.

Some sriracha or sambal olek and a splash of soy sauce rounded out the bowl of steaming deliciousness.

I impressed myself!


#paleo #bonebroth Pho-Miso soup

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  1. Samia

    Hi Tawny! You can usually get pre-packaged soba nooleds at your local Asian grocery store. However, they aren’t exactly the freshest. You can also try a Japanese grocery store if you have one near you. Japanese grocery store usually have fresh soba nooleds. The fresh soba nooleds would be inside a foam package with saran wrap around it. They also have dried soba nooleds that look like pasta. You might (a big might) find dried soba nooleds at your local Safeway, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Hope this helps!-The Noodle Guy