Family Celebration

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March 21, 2016

My family was celebrating its 4th milestone in 12 months and it was getting a bit difficult to think of something fun and original to do to commemorate this 4th event. This is how the idea of having a professional chef at home came about. What a wonderful experience we had!

Jason proposed several choices for each of the 4 course meals, making it difficult to make a decision. He did all the shopping, favouring seasonal fresh produce. He came home, cooked, served, and cleaned.

The meal was exquisite and delightful. The presentation was tantalizing and the service impeccable, not too fast, and not too slow. What a night to remember. My family is now looking forward to the next milestone to have Jason cook for us again. I highly recommend treating yourself, your family or your friends with a delicious meal worthy of the best restaurants, prepared by Jason in your own home!

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