This industry is still a mystery to many as I am always asked the same few questions so I am publishing an FAQ section right here in the main page.


Q. How many people will you cook for?

A. I have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of the number of people that fit at your dining room table or the number of people you can fit in your house. I specialize in home based events, dinner parties, cocktail parties, bbqs, celebrations of all kinds. If you are planning a larger event and plan on renting a hall/church where I can use their certified kitchen then I am happy to discuss numbers with you and coordinate staff to assist.

Q. Does the price include the cost of food?

A. Yes; all cooking service pricing includes food costs.

Q. Can you deliver food for my party/dinner/event?

A. No. I do not have a commercial kitchen to prepare food in so I use your kitchen to prepare the food for food safety and legal reasons.

Q. Do you use my pots and pans?

A. No. I bring all my own equipment (pots, pans, bowls, knives) to your home and I only use your kitchen, stove/oven, sink, etc.

Q. Do you serve the food? Do you have a server? Do you have staff?

A. I usually serve the food for groups up to 6 people. Once the group gets to 8 or more then I recommend hiring a server to assist with table service. I don’t have full time staff but to draw upon colleagues and independent contractors for my staffing needs. I often bring an assistant cook for larger jobs as well as servers and even a bartender when necessary.

Q. How far will you travel?

A. I mostly service the west end of the GTA and Peel region. I am happy to discuss traveling further for jobs and occasionally request a travel fee for longer trips over 1 hour from my home, L7C1A1.