Weeknight Dinner #3 – Thai red Curry…

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Thai red curry with broccoli, bok choy, and quinoa.

We happened to use pork because that’s what we had on hand. You can substitute any meat you have, it should work well.

The key ingredient is the Thai curry paste of course. There are 3 kinds to choose from, red, yellow, and green. Red is the mildest which is what we used mainly because our kids don’t like hot spicy food… yet.

This is the product we used, available at our local grocery store.

You will also need coconut milk. Arroy-D brand is my preferred choice in a tetra pak; also good in coffee. Any can will do though, so don’t stress about that.

I just used whatever vegetables we had on hand so feel free to substitute whatever you have. We had broccoli, red pepper, carrots, onions, and bok choy.

We made quinoa, you can make that or rice. Either way you want to get it on before you start chopping. Quinoa takes about 15 minutes, rice 20 minutes.

First thing I did was cut the meat into strips, then mixed a heaping tablespoon of curry paste with the meat. Let it marinate while you chop the vegetables into uniform sized pieces so they cook at the same speed.

Note: if using any leafy greens like bok choy, cut the leaves from the stalk and cut stalk into small pieces for stir frying while reserving the greens for adding at the end so they don t overcook.

With the meat marinating and the veg chopped I got out my largest non-stick pan (wok would be great too) and got it heating up on high heat. We use coconut oil so I put a heaping tablespoon of that in and once it began shimmering I added the meat. Stir it around and get into 1 even layer.

Wait 30 seconds  to a minutes and give the meat a shake and flip to get the other sides browned off. Once the meat is browned remove it to a bowl and cover with plate or lid.

Put pan back on heat, add a little more oil, and once shimmering add vegetables. Toss to coat with oil and keep moving every 30 seconds or so. You want the vegetables to cook but also loosen any stuck on bits in the pan as they are flavour bombs!

Once the vegetables are starting to soften add the meat back to the pan along with some minced garlic and ginger,  1.5-2 cups of coconut milk, and maybe some more curry paste. Stir thoroughly and simmer 5-7 minutes until veg and meat are cooked. Add leafy greens now if you are using them.

Serve over rice or quinoa and enjoy!



Red Curry Paste

Meat of your choice – 1 lb

vegetables of your choice – I recommend onions, red pepper, green beans, carrots, broccoli, bok choy, kale, cauliflower, green peas, green onion (garnish at end)

coconut milk

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp ginger, minced

1 cup rice + 2 cups of liquid (water or chicken stock)

Salt and Pepper to taste – which means keep adding until it tastes the way you like it.

Lime wedges for squeezing over your plate are nice but completely optional. As devoted gin and tonic drinkers we usually have fresh limes on hand 🙂